Quick summary report

To those who are following with recent events within the company, I'm happy to announce that our 30-day report shows great results despite a recent dip in the market, this means that despite the price falling 14% and despite having very little volatility, our software out-performed the market by approximately 18% -- thus, putting it at a difference of about 32%!

Unfortunately, the gains seem slightly weak, but this is only due to a compression in the prices and most coins losing value (in both BTC and USD markets simultaneously).

As of the time of this post, it is unclear as to why the markets have fallen. Either mass uncertainty, or simply investors consolidating their trades -- or both? Or perhaps the fact that the world is facing a new fad with the bubonic plague making a comeback and all.

Here is a brief report on what the past 30 days have looked like for our current, state-of-the-art automated trading software.


(Notice the BTC-USD at the bottom was entered manually due to currently deciding not to trade this pair, but the price is used to convert value from BTC into USD.)