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  • 2022 - Performance Report

    This year has been a struggle to say the least

    We've observed some terrible years such as 2018 where the markets have fallen drastically, and although the outcome may seem rather grim, we happen to have succeeded in minimizing the damage to our portfolio as a whole, here's what we've observed so far:

    1. Our worst performing currency fell by 82% in 2022.


    And here's our YTD analysis:


    Despite our best efforts to mitigate the situation, as pointed out by the chart above, our current loss for FunctionX is 56% with a total investment of $3k... Let that sink in for a moment, we've lost more than half of the investment and right now it is imperative that we recover our losses. This project has been in shambles seemingly from before the beginning of this year.

    2. Second worst performer fell by 72% in 2022.


    And the results:


    Again we see a loss of 29% for LINK-USD over the total invested which is only marginally optimistic considering that the entire market fell by a whopping 72%.


    In short, we've analyzed our two worst-performing currency pairs as compared in terms of performance to the overall change in the markets for the year, our best performers did not perform as well, when compared in USD, our portfolio has fallen by 34%. Maybe it's high time to re-evaluate some of the pairs as compared to all-time trading.

    So what's your opinion on this matter? Tell us what you think may happen to these coins, unfortunately F(x) did not strike me as a valuable asset as of this time, personally -- I am ashamed of having invested in it and will consider dropping it from my trading algorithm as a whole.

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  • Dealing with more memory leaks, possibly at the websocket

    Memory leak management, Step I:

    Again, we seem to be having a memory leak in our system, one that inhibits a smooth operation of our software as it only runs continuously for no more than 24 hours at a time before the process is abruptly restarted (or until the server crashes), and this is known in the javascript programming community as the "no bueno" state.

    We've been monitoring the situation closely, and have narrowed the fault down to the websocket (as with any other function disabled rendered the same results). Currently we are operating in zero-load, this means that our robot is not listening to any channels available and in fact there is not even a working websocket to be listed under the running processes.

    In doing so, our hopes are to find no increase in memory usage over time as we've seen before, the last week we have noticed the memory as high as 10x from its normal operating memory range.

    This is a picture at 7am:


    As a permanent fix; we may resort to renting out a separate server in the Amazon web services' cloud so as to avoid having our software crash our website down until we have made a good working code.

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  • How v3.1 is handling so far, software operating specs

    Performance Metrics

    From a computer science perspective, the software had a few issues which have been addressed as follows:

    • Memory increases over time exponentially.
    • CPU then drops from 60% to 3% avg.

    Having corrected the two previous issues as shown below, first by eliminating a self replicating function that was meant to reset all scanners such as all the important market variables -- and then by adding a system for re-establishing the connection to the websocket whenever the connection closes either because of a system error, or by connectivity issues.


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  • Ironic... we're mining our own Ethereum transactions


    As you all know, we currently host our very own cryptocurrency in the Ethereum network which is Zephirex (ZPX); and as such we perform changes to the ledger in the Ethereum blockchain. I'd like to pause there for a second and reflect on how far we've come as a society, to know that a trusted service was created and has allowed for us to partake in their negotiations as a single user still leaves me in awe of such massive collaboration. This can only get better over time.


    New information

    We also have been mining Ethereum for a total of approximately $240 USD so ironically as a consequence we have been mining the very same transactions we have made, maybe not directly but indirectly.

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  • Zephirex CORE v3.1.0 is finally here!

    Stabilization accomplished!


    I'm so pleased to announce that in the latest version of our software we have acquired memory stabilization in the Node.js script! This is by far our best software yet, not as buggy and with very small memory usage, super lightweight code that maintains a live connection and trades accordingly 24/7.

    See the images below


    CORE Usage Statistics.png


    Screenshot (7).png

    With that being said,

    We will now proceed to let the program to run indefinitely like we always have and monitor for any bugs that may arise, as well as deliver new performance reports and improve on it, check out our Performance Reports category to see all reports generated.

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  • RE: Please Excuse the Current Website Outages!

    As expected, listening to too many markets at the same time generates LAG, I would observe a steady 96% in CPU usage when listening to 7 different markets simultaneously, and now it is alternating between 0% and 2% with only 3 markets (LINK)

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  • Please Excuse the Current Website Outages!

    Thank you for your patience!

    We are back after a solid 5 hours of experiencing a downtime on our webserver, it seems that in the process of using the shared hosting computer as a trading algorithm has taken a toll on our main machine, and has therefore taken down our main website and our forum site.

    Not to worry, we have accounted for this happening in the past so as a contingency we would like to acquire the services of a second device (that being locally hosted or on the cloud).

    Certainly, an isolated environment such as a separate server has been considered in the past, and as we continue to enhance our trading algorithm we would expect minimal downtime in the future, but for now please bear with us as we continue to develop alongside our main server. This is so as to corroborate our suspicion that the algorithm is playing a part in this outage and this is not just a coincidence.

    Version 3.0 is coming along great.

    We are pleased to announce that v.3 has seen some enhancements is the last couple of days, currently it is in the testing phase before we unleash it into the markets.

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  • Going back to the arbitrage basics

    Triangular arbitrage strategy

    Concept: To trade ONLY sets of pairs that are interchangeably linked.

    We are deciding that the best strategy is to go back to basics and simply trade sets of pairs that can create a triangular pattern and make observations based on these settings, for all intents and purposes; our algorithm should be impartial as to which currency takes the most priority when it comes to trading.



    That being said, we have configured our custom automated trading algorithm to trade only 3 pairs that are all connected, thus in future reports we will be better able to analyze what changes need to be made in the software, and make small adjustments from there. This is also a powerful approach at determining future trends in the market as overtrading of one pair will indicate that when a sudden change in volume occurs, that same currency will more than likely undergo a strong reversal.

    In simple terms

    What we mean by this approach is that we are as of the time of this post we are going back to the basics for two reasons:

    • Endurance test: By going back to basics, we will observe if in fact our trading algorithm is fully capable of adapting to drastic changes in the market in both the long and short term.
    • Calibration: As the markets have not been the same since 2018, we anticipate that certain adjustments be made.

    What does this mean for your investment?

    Your investments remain secure and will continue to operate in the nominal sense, that is; nothing changes in regards to new and existing investments, we are always innovating new and exciting strategies that take us to the next level and closely monitor the state of our pool for both security and performance.

    Should you like to inquire about a new or existing investment feel free to contact us via our website at or you may do so directly via e-mail at [email protected].

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  • What sucked about my trip to Cartagena

    This list is a friendly reminder when traveling to Cartagena and back

    En route:

    • Brought only one VISA debit card, some places would not take AMEX.
    • Brought only one phone and it got water damage (Almost decided to go with digital camera).
    • Sunblock was not water-resistant and got sunburned.

    While in Cartagena:

    • Phone water-resistant case leaked water into my phone. (Test before each use).
    • Need to make sure your phone is fully dried before charging it (charge it before going in the water)

    Heading back home:

    • Laptop was not able to connect to aiport WiFi.
    • Had to take a COVID test for $90.000 COP for re-entry to U.S.
    • ATM was not telling me I didn't have any funds. (Prefer Servibanca ATMs)
    • Currency exchange people would not accept my $20.00 USD federal note because of a small missing corner.
    • Baggage security confiscated my lighters from my bag at the security checkpoint.
    • Only had an Aloe Vera drink and a chicken Caesar wrap all day.
    • Flight connection was 45 min apart with 1-2 hour customs wait and bag re-check.
    • Slept on an airport bench and floor for about 10 hours.
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  • What is Zephirex?

    Investmemts simplified

    In simple terms, we are a hedge fund that is powered by a trading algorithm, aaaaand much like an engine; a trading algorithm is a tool that aims to leverage currency into more currency while maintaining a low risk, many expert day traders would shy away at the thought that a program can be made to trade unsupervised, let alone in the real markets and with impacting financial consequences, although it may be true that a certain level of risk is involved, there are ways to mitigate some of this risk by starting small, first our software was made to trade according to our understanding and in small doses, and we soon found that there were losses involved at this scale and began implementing ways to minimize this loss, while still working with a sizable volume over the long term, this means that we were able to control the level of risk involved and scale the operations as we see fit, which translates into a more beneficial outcome for all parties involved.

    Unified theory

    By implementing science and mathematics our aim is to scout the unexplored areas of financial physics, not so much in the psychological sense of trading but rather in the forces which govern our universe, in this mannner we can observe if giving these laws to our software, whether it becomes profitable or not, whether it is self-sustaining or not, and thusly by testing out our hypotheses we can navigate in a direction that makes best use of as we study the behaviors of the markets as a whole.

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