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  • Going back to the arbitrage basics

    Triangular arbitrage strategy

    Concept: To trade ONLY sets of pairs that are interchangeably linked.

    We are deciding that the best strategy is to go back to basics and simply trade sets of pairs that can create a triangular pattern and make observations based on these settings, for all intents and purposes; our algorithm should be impartial as to which currency takes the most priority when it comes to trading.



    That being said, we have configured our custom automated trading algorithm to trade only 3 pairs that are all connected, thus in future reports we will be better able to analyze what changes need to be made in the software, and make small adjustments from there. This is also a powerful approach at determining future trends in the market as overtrading of one pair will indicate that when a sudden change in volume occurs, that same currency will more than likely undergo a strong reversal.

    In simple terms

    What we mean by this approach is that we are as of the time of this post we are going back to the basics for two reasons:

    • Endurance test: By going back to basics, we will observe if in fact our trading algorithm is fully capable of adapting to drastic changes in the market in both the long and short term.
    • Calibration: As the markets have not been the same since 2018, we anticipate that certain adjustments be made.

    What does this mean for your investment?

    Your investments remain secure and will continue to operate in the nominal sense, that is; nothing changes in regards to new and existing investments, we are always innovating new and exciting strategies that take us to the next level and closely monitor the state of our pool for both security and performance.

    Should you like to inquire about a new or existing investment feel free to contact us via our website at or you may do so directly via e-mail at [email protected].

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  • What sucked about my trip to Cartagena

    This list is a friendly reminder when traveling to Cartagena and back

    En route:

    • Brought only one VISA debit card, some places would not take AMEX.
    • Brought only one phone and it got water damage (Almost decided to go with digital camera).
    • Sunblock was not water-resistant and got sunburned.

    While in Cartagena:

    • Phone water-resistant case leaked water into my phone. (Test before each use).
    • Need to make sure your phone is fully dried before charging it (charge it before going in the water)

    Heading back home:

    • Laptop was not able to connect to aiport WiFi.
    • Had to take a COVID test for $90.000 COP for re-entry to U.S.
    • ATM was not telling me I didn't have any funds. (Prefer Servibanca ATMs)
    • Currency exchange people would not accept my $20.00 USD federal note because of a small missing corner.
    • Baggage security confiscated my lighters from my bag at the security checkpoint.
    • Only had an Aloe Vera drink and a chicken Caesar wrap all day.
    • Flight connection was 45 min apart with 1-2 hour customs wait and bag re-check.
    • Slept on an airport bench and floor for about 10 hours.
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  • What is Zephirex?

    Investmemts simplified

    In simple terms, we are a hedge fund that is powered by a trading algorithm, much like an engine; a trading algorithm is a tool that aims to leverage currency into more currency while maintaining a low risk, many expert day traders would shy away at the thought that a program can be made to trade unsupervised, let alone in the real markets and with impacting financial consequences, although it may be true that a certain level of risk is involved, there are ways to mitigate some of this risk by starting small, first our software was made to trade according to our understanding and in small doses, and we soon found that there were losses involved at this scale and began implementing ways to minimize this loss, while still working with a sizable volume over the long term, this means that we were able to control the level of risk involved and scale the operations as we see fit, which translates into a more beneficial outcome for all parties involved.

    Unified theory

    By implementing science and mathematics our aim is to scout the unexplored areas of financial physics, not so much in the psychological sense of trading but rather in the forces which govern our universe, in this mannner we can observe if giving these laws to our software, whether it becomes profitable or not, whether it is self-sustaining or not, and thusly by testing out our hypotheses we can navigate in a direction that makes best use of as we study the behaviors of the markets as a whole.

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  • 2022 - Second Quarter Progress Report

    Current predictions

    At the risk of being wrong, I would like to make a prediction by what my software is telling me so far when it comes to this new quarter we have entered in 2022. That being said, let's have a look at our portfolio and see what the market is telling us.

    As of the writing of this post, I feel confident in the fact that my automated software has made a few good predictions in the past, and often has a tendency to remain profitable regardless of where the market is going.

    To those of you who are new to our forum, I would like to begin by stating that what we are explaining in this post is what the software is doing and what its approach is for the current market we are in, looking into a potentially profitable second quarter and making sure that our software is working correctly allows us to make more accurate predictions (and corrections) in the future. As some of you may know, our software has had months where we are in the red, this however is perfectly fine and is to be expected as we continue to calibrate the variables that determine the conditions for our software to adapt.

    First things first

    Disclaimer: I am NOT a CPA, nor am I licensed to issue any kind of financial advice, therefore the contents of this post are purely for educational and entertainment purposes only, and should be taken with a grain of salt.


    Ok, with that disclaimer out of the way, we now have sorted everything by column P which is Profits/Loss (USD).

    The first thing to notice is how we are in the profits overall by a factor of $320.00USD in just 16 days, next thing to note is that our quantities purchased are in mostly in the negative, currently ZRX is our biggest gainer and are in the 20% profit for our best gainer against the USD. Let's compare the pairs that are in the green to see how they stack up in the future using our handy-dandy retracement fan.


    Strangely enough, the markets have taken a downturn yet our software has not heavily bought in, this may be due to the fact that we have made deposits and withdrawals accordingly to secure and make available funds.

    Personally, I first felt bullish on this one, but when we see what's underneath that support there isn't a whole lot going on and may be what we here consider to be a bubble. Essentially there is nothing there so as prices continue to fall they trigger stop-loss orders forcing the price to dip lower, thus creating a vicious cycle of triggering more and more stop-loss orders to fulfill. Same thing that happened with GameStop except it may not be the exact same scenario here.


    In any case, it may be too early to tell, although to be fair my robot is at the ready if the price drops and buy back into the pair. With that in mind, for the price of ZRX-BTC to drop, then BTC needs to perform well against the dollar, but also if our software is correct, then the USD may also have to recover from its' inflation problem. Mining issues have always caused BTC to go up so relatively speaking the USD has to deflate and miners would have to struggle somehow (perhaps a hike in difficulty?)

    As I claimed before, this pair looks rather bullish in the short-term but could be a decoy, we'll continue to monitor the situation and do a follow-up post.

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  • Reducing amount invested on a heavily-traded pair

    Hi all, today I want to share another detail I have observed when pulling our report for the YTD of 2022. Having just closed the first quarter -- our prerogative is to make sure that we are going into a successful 2nd quarter with low risk by consolidating some of the biggest gainers in the market.

    Little did we imagine that we would come across a pair that is relatively high in risk with a very small profit ($190 USD). So as indicated by the table below, we encounter a scenario where the ZRX-BTC pair is heavily invested and seemingly very hopeful of a downwards trend in the price of ZRX relative to BTC (See highlighted row below), this is commonly referred to as being bearish.


    And with the most negative percent of portfolio value in USD (as pointed by column Q at -142%), we should first asses the situation to confirm if the market will indeed take a downturn to our advantage, or if we are locking ourselves into the potential for a greater loss.


    It's hard to tell whether it is overpriced or not, and given how on another pair we have the biggest gain without a high risk, we would rather reduce the risk by 15% so that if we buy back at a lower price than our average it can also increase our average price per coin, so let's go ahead and make a purchase in BTC for 600 ZRX and increase from a -4000 to -3400 ZRX in quantity purchased. Note, this report can only see as far back as Jan 1st of 2022 so when taking into consideration the duration of the investment vs the amount of value at risk it is more practical to first reduce the risk than cutting a potentially greater loss in the near future.


    So from the time this article began to the time of the purchase the price came down by a small fraction; thus as our intention was to buy, then a lower price worked in our favor to increase our average price per coin. See our purchases below at 02:10:40


    Now let's compare with the previous report and see if the changes applied to our balances are in accordance with what we expect these changes would reflect.


    Not as fruitful as was expected, but the results can confirm nonetheless that our average was indeed raised by a negligible amount. Having done this does two things, reduces the loss if this pair continues to do great, and raises our average PPC as observed from the change in column K for each chart.


    The point of this article is to show how a simple buy or sell can be used to reduce a portfolio into becoming less of a risk, thus the only short-term regret would be leaning more towards not having bought back more ZPX if things go nicely on this pair. Since our quantity purchased is in the negative, this tells us that we have sold that amount from the start of the report's specified period.

    Disclaimer: This is not financial advice, please make your due diligence, study the markets first, and even consider seeking financial advice from a certified trading instructor before going into trading.

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  • What it takes to win at trading.

    In case you're interested in getting into trading.

    One simple trick I've learned in making trades is that you will first need to make all of the mistakes yourself and see how (while trying) you make the wrong choices, and figure out what those mistakes are, 😀 this may seem counter intuitive yet it applies to all businesses.


    If you can't handle the heat; then stay out of the kitchen

    This famous proverb explains how we must first learn to take the heat, this means taking a certain level of risk - preferably one that is within your budget, this is the cost of dealing with the uncomfortable situation of potentially losing all of your of your investment (and by no means is it good to lose money). No one is comfortable with the idea of this, but until you are comfortable with taking increasingly greater risks, you cannot use your capital as leverage to create a wealth of knowledge.

    In short

    That being said, the point of this article is to help new and beginner-level investors to monitor their investments, preferably a manageable few are a great start, ideally of course you want to keep it diverse (with two or more investments) yet manageable.

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  • RE: Scaled up our operations as of 9/26

    So far we observe the disarray, this is to be expected as we have been testing out this new scaling system since 6 months ago.

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  • Interesting approach at a low value, low ROI pair.

    Presented: Opportunity

    Hi all and welcome to the Zephirex report!

    So here we have an interesting opportunity at changing the scales to our advantage. At this moment we can convert a heavy loss in terms of ROI into a lesser loss and a potential for profit, here's how:

    So we all know that ROI is determined by the amount lost relative to the amount invested, let's use this to our advantage on a pair that is relatively low on our portfolio (per column Q), observe columns Q and R below to see what I mean:


    The opportunity

    Here we have a chance at changing our ROI into a smaller loss relative to ROI, thus leveraging the price to our advantage. Our report is generally based on a 30-day basis, therefore we can observe the last 30-day change in price for one of our heavier losses, Note that the percent of portfolio value is relatively low. Knowing this information, we are able to reduce our losses and actually leverage heavier on what is now a loss and turn it greatly into a potential win!

    ZRX-USD 30-day.PNG

    Above we note that there is a 26% loss over the past 30 days that we can extrapolate, so with our ROI at a greater loss (percentage-wise) than our observed 26% loss over the last 30 days we can see that a reversal is actually very likely to occur. Specifically because our portfolio shows that we have had a 42% loss over 6% of our portfolio, and this is negligible.

    Not only that but we are so close to breaking the resistance at $105.62. Things are looking good, in terms of war this means that our bullish folk have lost greatly while we are also in a bullish position we have not lost so greatly and are in a position to change the tables around. Bears have had the market greatly over the last 30 days and are becoming seemingly weaker. This is a great chance to strike so heavy a blow that may actually change the outcome of this battle, and break through the upper resistance at $105.62.

    In time our position at $105.62 will hopefully be sustained and a gain in the market is to be expected to arrive any time soon. Now with our current average in the market in a more beneficial place we can initiate a greater price change with a smaller volume.



    And crazily enough, it looks like our position has benefited in two markets at once, the ZRX-USD and the DASH-USD markets, although, because of my automated trading algorithm and because of how low our Percent of Portfolio value was to begin with; we were more easily able to change the outcome of our ROI.

    Thank you for reading, be sure to have a great day.

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  • Launch of the ZPX token!

    Now you too can invest into our project with ease!

    Here at Zephirex we have created a token dedicated to supporting our project for automated trading, this funding will be used to invest into the software, the software will then in return supply the tokens with steady earnings in value, with time we estimate to gather great momentum and aid in the practice of understanding markets and educating others on the advantages (and nuances) of cryptocurrency!

    As the company grows through automated trading, so too will the token which essentially acts as a stock in the company. Currently with over 25 investors and stakeholders, with the addition of our new token our members will easily be able to buy, trade, send, or swap for the ETH cryptocurrency and in the near future we plan to expand into other smart contract platforms as well.


    How to buy ZPX tokens:

    We have the ability to transfer value at the push of a button, the transfer of wealth at near light speeds, the noble cause of helping others across worlds and supporting each other has become more imperative. So in order to be able to send and receive we first need to download the app that will connect you to the Net 2.0

    Step 1: Get an Ethereum wallet if you haven't already

    Firstly, if you do not have your Ethereum wallet yet I highly recommend that you install the Metamask wallet to your desktop or mobile device, Metamask is a virtual wallet that can be easily recovered with the security seed, that being said; it is very important that you write down and save your recovery phrase in case something happens to your device, plus you can always sync with another device and secure your funds.

    Step 2: Fund your wallet

    In order to complete a transaction you must first have ETH in your wallet, this can be accomplished by buying some directly from your Metamask wallet, or by choosing to deposit from another online wallet. (Please note that there may be a fee incurred in the purchase and or the transfer of your ETH coin into your new Metamask wallet, as well as at the time of trading your ETH for ZPX) . 🤔 So be sure to plan accordingly and assess the cost-to benefit to minimize the risk of a great loss, see Ethereum gas fees for more details.

    Step 3: Check the market for ZPX tokens

    Once you have your Ethereum wallet ready, you may head over to our token listing powered by where you can check the price of each ZPX and once you find a price and quantity that you are happy with then complete the trade.

    Currently, Ethereum has a wide variety of DEXes (Decentralized Exchanges) you may use if you're willing to pay a small fee, otherwise in the near future we may have our token listed in regulated exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, etc. It's ok if you're not familiar with any of these, but it comes in handy to know they exist.


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