The year 2020 has brought many difficulties to all, unforeseen events have all increasingly been both dividing and uniting in some respects. Pandemics, police brutality, unemployment, protests and riots are not uncommon half-way through the year, and as such we must analyze certain aspects of life as a whole and bring balance to our unbalanced experience of the world.

First quarter 2020

The rough first wave of COVID-19 has concluded in uncertainty; due to end-to-end closures and social distancing -- only essential operations remained functional. Investments took a hit from the panic, this is reflected in the following report from the first quarter.


With a net profit of only $30.00 USD for this first quarter, the scale of the panic can be seen as one which was not easily avoided, yet minimized none-the-less. Strangely enough, ROI for LTC-USD was at an amazing 200%

Second quarter 2020

With most nations having re-opened some but not all the operations, it's become clear that some panic was diffused, perhaps into other outlets such as the Black Lives Matter movement, enraged by past and present events, this led to a revolution that is becoming more and more effective and raising awareness of police brutality both in the states as well as all around the world.

This second quarter appears to have brought a slight recovery to the markets as a whole, the algorithm managed to take the momentum from the first quarter into a more profitable second quarter, much like a self-driving car, conserving energy through well-timed acceleration and braking, our algorithm broke through the momentum and managed to generate profits at a steady rate.

Given, as seen in the report below BTC-USD being the worst-performing trading pair may be due to rapid changes in price and the down times experienced simultaneously, a 24.5% loss can also be attributed to a cold-storage feature in which the algorithm safely secures certain assets away in hopes of a future price increase.


Having made $760 in 6 months may not seem like much except when taken into account the timeless hours I saved by not checking 10 markets simultaneously day and night, the algorithm is able of generating some income while giving you peace of mind that it will perform optimally, and incrementally take the best trades available.

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