Zephirex outperforms BTC!

When comparing the BTC-USD price movement to our current portfolio we can see that the markets have seen a loss of approximately 12%, while the trading software has allowed us to profit nearly $1,200.00 USD


The above chart shows the red space used to measure the price action of BTC in the last 30 days. Currently we see an 11.88% loss in value to BTC.

The good, the bad, and the ugly

The good

he following excel table below shows a profit of $1,180.22 in USD in the last 30 days as seen on the second column on the left hand-side. Again LTC-BTC show about a 34% ROI, the negative quantity purchased means that for the pair LTC-BTC the software is actually shorting as opposed to having a positive quantity purchased, as well as a NEGATIVE total cost, the average price per coin is above the current market price so it has sold on average well above the current market price, placing it in a profitable situation. LTC-BTC shows a net profit of USD $1,777.69


The bad and the ugly

Both DASH-BTC and ZRX-BTC show a negative return on investment above the 8%, and a combined loss of approximately USD $1,300, fortunately the other pairs are able to extract some profits and help maintain the portfolio above the "break even mark". So in essence the news is not too bad.

In other news! ZPX tokens are now available

We have created the Zephirex ERC-20 token as a form of liquidity, and it is currently available for purchase at our website here: Zephirex Token Swap Portal, where you may swap currently for ETH but more pairs will become available over time.