As of the writing of this report a few important key elements are to be taken into account as we observe the only recorded profit from all our 6 trading pairs in the last 30 days as shown below.



Key observations

  • The observed market changed by roughly +11.4% since Nov. 20th
  • Net profit in BTC units is roughly 0.0338 BTC


Thus, (hypothetically speaking) if we were to find out what our initial investment should have been 30 days ago for us to have made this profit, we can simply divide 0.0338 by 11.4% and this gives us approximately 0.2965 BTC.

Meaning that 30 days ago we would have had to invest 0.297 BTC to profit by 11.4% and gained a total of 0.0338 BTC.

And 30 days ago a single BTC cost $18,600 USD so the initial investment of 0.297 BTC translates to about $5,500 USD.

However, since the 0.0338 BTC is now worth more than it was back then, this gain is actually close to $800 USD, so that means that if we were to make $800 USD from $5,500 USD, then that would be a 14.54% profit, and since BTC went up by 27% in the last 30 days, that original $5,500 investment would have resulted in an additional $1,485 USD as opposed to the $800.

But hypothetically speaking again, if I made 14.5 in a market where the price only went up by 11.4%, then CORE appears to have gained from the leverages between LTC, BTC, and USD.

All-in-all, the point of Zephirex CORE is to make best use of volatility as possible, and given that I have been making changes to the wallet, then this has not allowed for the software to fully close those open positions, the funds were not fully available for the software to make the safest best investments available at the time.