Correct me if I'm wrong

[Update] A new report has been made with the correct currency pair of ZRX/USD.

Our more costly loss has accounted for less than 4% in losses of our entire portfolio in the last 30 days, yet this same market has fallen 38.7% in the same time frame.

Have we gone mad here? Is there something we are missing? Is our trading algorithm outperforming the market, or have we missed a key component in the math? Why would a drop of 39% only reflect 4% in loss? Please do not misunderstand my concern, I am grateful of this aversion, perhaps this is only wishful thinking. Should there be an even greater loss?


Also, please be advised that the gaps in trades do not fully represent the extend of trades our algorithm has processed. This reminds me that we are in the process of scaling our operations to be slightly more aggressive in terms of trading volume and monitor the situation for any unforeseen events which may arise from it.