Understanding trading psychology is always super important.


So, in pulling a report for the last 30 days we still see a loss of 10% in market value for Bitcoin, yet a profit in the trading algorithm. Please refer to the following screenshots and let us know what you think through a comment.


Please note that the 411.17% on the spreadsheet below is a measure of USD sum spent, and does NOT reflect the total Return on Investment.


ETH-USD - being the biggest loser is where your attention will be drawn to now...


Above we see roughly a 6% downward change in the market price for ETH-USD, so we believe that the software may be over-trading this pair for some reason. An adjustment is required for these type of scenarios where the algorithm over-trades, though to be honest it seems as though the algorithm is not keeping up too well with either saturated markets or very volatile price changes, more detailed data will be obtained.